Full Metal Brotherhood Review

(be prepared for spoilers of course)

Just finished watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I say it’s one of the best if not the best shonen anime ever. The plot is well balanced - there is drama, action, comedy and pure awesomeness in the whole 64-episode series. Forget about DeathNote which kinda went downhill after L died, this one is a lot better in terms of character development.

One good case of character development are the characters of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye. The issues surrounding those two and around them enriched the plot by giving so much room for emotional scenes on many episodes.image

Hear the click sound and you’ll burnnnn.

The only thing I don’t like about FMA:b is its ending, which basically fast forward-ed Ed and Al’s lives after they defeated Father. Or maybe I’m just too shocked in seeing a picture of Ed and Winry holding 2 kids just after showing the proposal scene.



I think it would’ve satisfied me better if they made one last episode showing Ed and Al returning from their journeys and the Ed-Winry marriage. It would have made a more lasting impression to me. That’s just me of course.

I think no other anime has an ending better than Code Geass - but overall I would say FMA:bro has better buildup, climax and more likable characters too.


Lelouch is alive right?! XD Or at least that’s what I believe. HAHA.

I know there’s another FMA series from years ago but I read its story is quite different from this. Brotherhood is manga-faithful while the first one was not. So I think FMA: Brotherhood has the more cohesive plot.

PS. Since Shingeki No Kyojin is not yet done, I’m not making any comparisons with it.


Sure it would take less than 3 days to Levi to become a pokemon master.

of course!


Sure it would take less than 3 days to Levi to become a pokemon master.

of course!

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So it’s almost Christmas and I find myself watching animes…and so far I have found and watched Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan) and currently watching Mirai Nikki (Future Diary). I say both of these animes are really good but IMHO Shingeki is as good as it gets.

Actually, I now find myself really addicted to SnK such that I resorted to reading the manga to find out the continuation of the anime’s 25 episodes. Fyea. I love Mikasa as well as the Levi-Hanji relationship. Bwahaha. Oh, and I fucking hate Yuno of Mirai. She’s hot but she’s just too obsessed with Yukki to the point that it’s ruining the plot. Mehehe. That’s my Christmas vacation so far. HAHA. image

Philippines I Love You

Seriously, it’s cheesy but I mean it. Sometimes we just think of ourselves and the people close to us - our needs and wants and everything revolves around these. But at the end of the day I realized that it all depends upon the country I am on. People have become a lot more critical and emotional these past few days, with an obvious cause.

We should work to be better for the Philippines.

Sometimes I daydream about a stronger Philippines. A Philippines with more modern cities, better economy and better military. A Philippines that is a model to other countries. I know it is achievable. I know we will get there. I love you, my country. Mabuhay!


PS. Thank you tumblr for joining the already growing number of helpful organizations out there. I love you too.

Going on….

Second sem has just started but it’s tiring already. It’s a friday now and I’m just looking forward to the weekend up ahead of me. YES. It’s weekend. No school. But hey, there’s homework. :(

PS. I know ‘we’ will see each other again. I know. You short-haired twat :))

prettier as hell :)))

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pretty as hell <3

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A long time ago….

It has been three months since I last posted here in tumblr. Many things have happened in sports and in life since then. I only got the time to post again since it’s the sem break. No school for now. I am happy I can rest.

I have come again

It’s been a loongggg time since I’ved posted again on Tumblr. Perhaps I was just too busy with Twitter and FB? huh. Add Goal.com and the news websites as well. First sem is on full swing and I’m facing a really big dilemma right now. Will I continue with this app process? My mind tells me yes while my heart says no. Yeah.

URL: Pangalan ng school mo?

  • jomsbernal: University Of Makati
  • muntingmanunulat: Don Bosco College Canlubang
  • HannahChinita: Cavite Christian School
  • supladongnakasando: University of the Philippines Manila
  • itsmejoren: Access Computer College
  • sadistangfilipina: Notre Dame of Dadiangas University
  • pilyangkagit: Jesus Good Shepherd School
  • bulletproofedboyscout: De La Salle University
  • estaticjunoscripts: Saint Peter's College of Toril
  • DaldalerangManika: University of Rizal System-Rodriguez
  • myunendingdream: Paranaque Science High School
  • Socoleenmaybe: San Vicente Pilot School for Philippine Craftsmen
  • makulitnalyka: Sisters Of Mary Immaculate School
  • pamiedeniduca: Tumblr University
  • angambisyosangpalaka: Bicol University CBEM
  • thelakwatshero: Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Main Campus
  • kidadita: West Visayas State University (main campus)
  • heysupergirl: Univesity of Santo Tomas
  • boinkish: University of the Philippines Diliman
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